Gorilla Trekking Packing List

Whereas gorilla trekking is regarded as the most captivating and inspiring adventure, you ought to be well prepared before partaking it in any destinations of your choice and which is why we encourage you to make sure that you pack appropriately for this lifetime experience. Mountain gorilla trekking clothes are not different from those in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park and Mgahinga Gorilla National Park in Southwestern Uganda, Volcanoes National Park in Northwestern Rwanda and the Virunga National park in Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

Below are some of the items that you should consider while packing

Waterproof hiking boots
Gorilla trekking involves hiking through the thick jungles and steep slopes of Uganda; Rwanda and DR Congo and hiking boots are a must to have for this adventure. They should be light weight to ease your movement in the steep slopes and muddy areas when it rains. The terrain can be rough and at times muddy when it rains that is why gumboots, hiking boots and not sandals or slippers are recommended for this. You need comfortable hiking boots that offer appropriate support for your ankle and balance.

Rain jacket
The weather pattern in gorilla habitat is unpredictable and you are required to include a rain jacket or poncho in your gorilla tracking packing list. Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park is a tropical rain forest like any gorilla destination and given the nature of weather you can’t tell easily when it is going to rain and you need a rain jacket for this matter to protect yourself from rain. Most tourists prefer visiting the park during the drier months from June to September and December to February to avoid rainfall in the months of March, April and May but given the fact that this is a tropical rain forest, you have to expect rains at any time of the day. When planning your gorilla trek, make sure that you don’t forget a rain jacket or poncho.

Day pack
The only way for you to enjoy the trek is simply to get a good day pack. This is to help you carry your accessories like cameras, note book, rain jacket and many more. Since the weather is unpredictable, it would be better if you got a waterproof day pack.

Long sleeved shirt/T-shirt and trousers
Gorilla trekking is conducted in the forest and just incase you fall down, your long sleeved shirt or T-shirt can help guard your hands from the falling tree branches, stinging insects, vines, thorns and many other things that may cause harm to due to body exposure. While packing, at least get the color that matches with the natural environment and for long sleeved shirts it is better for you to get cotton type to offer you warmth and protection to your skin.

Gardening gloves
You need good gardening gloves to help guard your hands during gorilla trekking. As you move in the jungle, it can be slippery and somehow you need to catch support and gloves can help protect your hand from any harm especially if you touched some itching plant, tree or even climbing trees that can cause harm to humans. The gloves will help you get protected from germs and other items that may scratch your hands that is why it is a must for you to pack them.

Cameras and extra batteries
Photo taking is very useful in every safari that is why a camera is very important. Imagine striking your imaginations with these dramatic creatures and you have no camera or the battery dies and you have no extra and the rest of your colleagues are all busy taking, we don’t need you to be part of this scenario that is why you need a good camera without flashlight and if does turn it off while taking photos.

Hat and sun glasses
Just incase it is hot; you will need a hat to help protect you from the scorching sun heat as well as the sun glasses for sun rays.

Bottled water, energy giving snacks
The length of the gorilla trek is not certain and given the nature of the tough terrain you will need some water and snacks to boost some energy to help you hike through out entire trek. The normal trek goes from 30 minutes to eight hours or even more and this means that you need some packed lunch and enough drinking water.,

Pair of binoculars
Gorilla trekking in these protected doesn’t mean there are only mountain gorillas, but there are incredible birdlife for you to also sight along the way. In Bwindi about 350 species live within this stunning protected area and several mammals and primates. For bird lovers, you need a binocular to sight these amazing bird species.

Insect repellent
Insect repellent is very important for you as it will help protect you from the mosquito bites especially in the evening. You can simply spray your clothes or body to prevent them from biting you.

In conclusion, appropriate packing for gorilla trekking in Uganda, Rwanda and DRC is necessary. By following the above packing list you will certainly not regret in your safari. Given the nature of terrain, you also need a walking stick to help you hike through the jungles and this will be got at the park.